2 comments on “Macro: Haste Macros

  1. You really shouldn’t macro in your haste CDs with other spells mainly because when you use them it’s very situational. You might be rooting someone and running, or rooting someone when there’s not alot of pressure going on and they’re wasted CDs. Same goes for Nourish, you could be out of combat just topping someone off where those haste abilities are being used unnecessarily. If you’re really that against extra abilities on your bars, settle for a macro combining those two CDs so you have one skill to press instead of what would be two (even this I would advise against, since in some situations it might be better to spread out your CDs, but it’s better then macro’ing it to abilities). Also, if you’re bent on macro’ing them to your skills I’m fairly certain you have to have Lifeblood/Beserking before Nourish or Roots, otherwise they aren’t popped (or they are only used after the cast is finished). Nice site, keep it up. 😀

  2. I thought about the whole situational part of it. Right now, I have the haste abilities separately on a bar but it turns out that I’m just not using them. For me, its not a case of “Oh, I want to use my haste spell, but its on cool-down”, its a case of “Oh, I never use my haste spells”.

    I could change the macro so that there’s a shift modifier to cast the spells without haste I suppose…but in a PvE environment, I haven’t seen a need for haste; and in a PvP environment, every situation would benefit from haste.

    You’re right about the order. I changed them.


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